GRIFFIN VS TRUMP: One Woman’s Stupidity Does Not Another Man’s Culpability Make!

First I was totally disgusted and horrified by the photo and the video. Then I was a little more forgiving because I thought of all the times I have done something REALLY monumentally stupid that I wish I could change. And then I saw the press conference and I started throwing up words that seemed to fly out onto the screen. So here they are. I just needed to vent.

Anne’s Blog of Lamentations Chapter 1: Griffin


OVERVIEW – The Photoshoot, The Backlash, The Apology, The Lawsuit – The “Trump Made Me Do It” Defense – Fail, Fail, EPIC Fail.


Step 1)   Comedian(Griffin) and photographer(Tyler) EPIC FAIL PHOTOSHOOT-  Worst Idea Ever – Copy ISIS Decapitating Journalists on the Internet? Seriously? She entertained our troops?! (HELLO…there were a bunch of other people there and NO ONE stops them?!?)

Step 2) 2nd Worst Idea Ever – Take digital video evidence of pretending to decapitate the President like ISIS did Journalists, then confess that you knew it was a crime!!  “… Tyler and I are not afraid to do images that make noise… and he often lights me to the point that I look about 15 years old.” (Pedophile?) …  (high five) … call your dad and apologize… I don’t think we’re going to survive this one… we better leaven now for Mexico… we’re going to prison…”

Step 3) Upload your horrific Images in digital video – Traumatize Children/Adults & Promote Violence  Glorify Terrorist Attacks and Decapitation Globally Giving ATTENTION Craved by ISIS Losers. No one is laughing…

Step 4) Say it again only funnier – Terrorizing an 11-year-old boy, a man’s family, his GRANDCHILDREN, desecrating the office of the President because you decided that it was FUNNY to put up a fake image identical to the ones of ISIS killers do when holding up bloody decapitated Journalist’s heads in gruesome detail. including peaceful Muslims, Christians, Gays and other victims of terror attacks worldwide…LAUGH NOW…APPLAUSE LIGHT ON!!!

   **** PERSONAL NOTE: What in the name of all that is sacred would make a person do that?!?****

Step 5) Check on feedback…. Plan working…. Major reaction…good…. LOTS of PRESS…. Boost to career… Everyone hates Trump…Common Enemy…. wait…. ouch….

Step 6) OOPS! Too much severe backlash without Trump doing anything. More than expected. Squatty Potty CEO looked at the image and said he immediately knew they couldn’t have their brand associated with her. Trump had NOTHING to do with that. CNN, Las Vegas Casino and other venues cancelled her contracts and even Chelsey Clinton, would not have come out and condemned her, unless she was in the wrong, did so on the VIEW. Many of them hate Trump enough that they would have kept her just to spite him, but what she did went beyond any boundaries of what is not only acceptable but all the way to being illegal as well.

Step 7) DAMAGE CONTROL – “D List” Plan B when publicity stunt goes very, very, wrong. UPLOAD – The “No make up, I HAD NO IDEA until I saw the reactions… (acting skills don’t fail me now) MOCK HORROR almost believable apology! “

Step 8) CRAP! CRAP! CRAP! They aren’t buying it. Open “Hillary Play Book.” Rule #1 – The “Trump Made Me Do It” Defense”.

Step 9) That’s it, “The Devil made me do it! Everyone will love me again….” So dressed in her cute outfit she had bought two weeks ago that would be perfect for her emotional plea as the cameras were flashing, this time with just the right amount of lipstick and a slight curl to her hair, but not too much, powdered nose so the shine wouldn’t take away from the tears that would every so lightly bounce and trickle slightly down her cheek, but not actually tear stained because we made sure to have water proof mascara, not to ruin the effect, but the shine on her lashes would glisten as she pursed her lips and looked down and slightly bobbed her head three times, the words she had rehearsed in front of that mirror the night before… “He broke me,” not too fast, break a little, “He broke me,” a little higher and faster at the end and then slow look down, “He broke me…” begin to weep a little… the President …pause….  Etc. Etc. Etc. But you get my point. It had to be perfect. The right amount of, I can fight, I am not afraid, with the just a little, I am a victim even though I just victimized an 11-year-old boy and the POTUS grandchildren, and forget about the other people worldwide…because they don’t count, and of course it doesn’t matter that we won’t forgive him for saying something when I myself say horrible awful vial things all the time, because I call myself a comedian, but now that I cut his head off in a sick joke, well, I should be able to sue him. Right?!?! Because uh…uh…. uh…. EPIC FAIL!  Step

10) WAIT…Ted Nugent did it…Uh No! He was making a metaphor about a gun rights regarding a senator and he was speaking about a specific topic at a rock and roll concert, not a picture online. AND when the secret service investigated he didn’t argue he cooperated and he didn’t sue President Obama and he didn’t go on talk shows inciting violence against President Obama. Kind of apples to oranges. Hmmm…grasping at straws comes to mind, but I will stop there.


Question for all you brilliant minds out there:
How is it Trump’s fault that she lost her job with CNN?
Or Squatty Potty as they “dumped her” within such a short time of the photo being out there? The CEO actually said he decided immediately when he saw the photo that they could not have someone like that associated with their company brand.
Her face would flush their profits down the “toilet”.
OOPS, I made fun of a comic, is that allowed?
How about all the other shows that were cancelled?
All of the “back-splash” is HER OWN DOING. Not even Trump has that kind of power.
Since threatening the life of the President of the United States is clearly illegal and warrants an investigation that carries the possible charges of treason,
perhaps it’s time to think of a better defense then,
Trump tweeted that his 11-year-old son was having a hard time seeing a picture of his dad’s bloody decapitated head.  OOPS! Guess you lost that argument.
Better have your lawyer get back to work on how do you make that online confession
go away before the next episode of America’s Dumbest Criminals.

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