PETA: White Milk is Racist

Anne Weber June 4, 2017

OK, so PETA’s latest argument is that by drinking milk,  because it’s white, we are supporting white supremacy and are racist.So I have a few questions about this line of thinking. Are all babies racist too? They all drink white milk from their mothers no matter what race they are. And by the same token are the mothers and any other animal racist also if they have white breast milk?

Then there’s all the other dairy products made of milk. What about cream? What about cottage cheese? Is butter racist if it’s organic if it’s white? Would it pass the diversity police test if it had beta carotene or color added so it was yellow? What about sour cream and ice cream if it’s vanilla? Chocolate, orange, lime or cherry? Are their certain flavors that are more racist than others? Mint chocolate chip, raspberry swirl, neapolitan or butter pecan depending on the amount of white?

Oh, and what about the different cheeses like  Colby Marble Jack Cheese? I mean wouldn’t that be considered culturally diverse?!? Swiss cheese would probably be outlawed because not only is that almost blonde white but you can see right through its foreign policy. Oh and then there’s that greek yogurt… would the white yogurt be racist? Would that include the fruit bottom ones also. Afterall, deep down you just have to stir them up a bit to make them show their real colors. Of course my favorite is the honey greek and that is in real danger.

OH ON!!! I just had an awful thought. What about whipping cream? That has got to be the most racist of all. How can Jewish, Christians, Catholics, African Americans, any group that believes in the bible and knows of Jesus being whipped and the horrific whipping of slaves use whipping cream when it’s white?!? I for one am shocked. We must all be racist. Of course their is 1/2 and 1/2 which helps to bring together the understanding that racism is wrong and diversity is inclusive, but why is it all one color – white? Hmmm… What am I going to do? Ah, I could use Cool Whip? I wonder if that’s ok because it’s non-dairy even though it’s white. Whew!

I feel like I am going to freak out before I can even go into the dairy section from now on!?!? And what happens to organic if we can’t have almond milk, or coconut milk, or rice milk? Will that be too offensive to the orientals because rice milk is white too? HELP….I don’t know what to do…?!?!? STOP! WAIT?!?

I’t going to be fine. Sue, my PCA is going with me down to Dragon Foods Oriental Market for our bi-weekly shopping trip. My neighbor will come over to teach me her favorite Nigerian Recipe and we’ll have some soothing moroccan tea I just got from the Indian shop down the road last week when I had to have my wheelchair fixed. Later on this weekend, we can relax with our friends who got back from visiting family in El Salvador. I have already got the Tortilla press ready that she gave me years ago for homemade corn tortillas before I got disabled. My hubby will make some yummy black bean soup and rice and we can have blackened chicken breasts with that for dinner. Dessert – Red Bean past, with sticky rice and mangos for dessert and I think we’ll be free and clear with no culture crisis. YEAH!

DEEP BREATH! Now breathe in breathe out, just be calm. No need to get all uptight. Now get yourself a nice tall glass of cold white milk and enjoy!!

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