Don’t give Trump so much credit, America

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In less than 24 hours since Donald Trump has been named the President-elect of the greatest nation on this earth, it’s become apparent he’s being given far more credit than he’s due.  There’s anguished cries of, ‘How will my children grow up knowing not to discriminate?’ or, ‘How can I look my daughter in the eye and tell her she has purpose?’  Really?  Really, America?  You have given Donald Trump, a mere mortal man, far more credit than he deserves, especially considering the man hasn’t even taken office yet.  Trump does not have the power to mold our families, that is our flat-out our responsibility.

Your children will learn to love or hate, be respectful or disrespectful, wise or foolish, not by the character of the family in the White House, but by the family in their house.  May I submit to you that your sons and daughters will be…

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To Vote or Not to Vote – Christians and the 2016 Election

On November 9, 2016, one of two people will be president. Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. NOT voting is to spit on the sacrifice of every man and woman who have given their lives fighting for our freedom and for those serving in our armed services today. It is not only our DUTY as Christians to vote, but it is one of our most important responsibilities. Then what do you do when people who believe in biblical values are questioning why even vote when neither candidate would even be a consideration in another election cycle? We simply search the scriptures and it gives us very CLEAR guidance. God says, that whoever is not against you is for you.

Luke 9:49 – 50 Berean Study Bible – “Master,” said John, “we saw someone driving out demons in Your name, and we tried to stop him, because he does not accompany us.” “Do not stop him, Jesus replied, for whoever is not against you is for you.” untitled-2

We cast the first stone at a flawed candidate but God has given us a man who, as flawed as he is, has apologized directly, said he is embarrassed, hates what he was and promises to be a better man. How do we know this is true? The Bible shows us in Proverbs 13:20: “He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.”

Look at the WISE decisions he has made in who he chose as his running mate and the men and women of integrity he has standing with him as his faith advisers. Mike Pence – Christian, Dr. James Dobson, Dr. Ben Carson, Dr. David Jeremiah, and many others. Including the clear direction from Franklin Graham, although not endorsing a candidate that voting for the candidate who will appoint conservative supreme court justices.

These are the people who will be speaking into his life as Trump not only grows in his faith, that is changing him as he is out on the campaign trail, but also as he realized how careless his life has been. He wants to take the talents that were God-given and use them to bless America. That is a man I can look at and say, “You may have been foolish before, just like many of us, but you are making some significant decisions that I believe qualify you much more than your opponent. The Clintons have both been proven to have not only lied to the American people, but have done it MULTIPLE times.

Secondly, when you fill in a vote or vote for someone other than Trump, you are casting a vote for Hillary Clinton. Don’t deceive yourself and think that you are morally on higher ground. You will have to answer for the policies and laws that are contrary to God’s Word and are brought in by a liberal supreme court with justices who are there for LIFE. That means the next 40 – 100 years will be Satan’s playground as our country slips further and further from God and your children and grandchildren will be the ones left suffering because of your decisions.

In Nazi Germany, many Christians broke the law, but they did it to SAVE Jews and others, who were being killed to “cleanse” the population including, minorities, homosexuals, disabled people and anyone who opposed Hitlers actions. Was it wrong? No. God says to be shrewd as snakes and innocent as doves. Is it possible for God to use a flawed man who has specifically committed to upholding religious freedom, supporting Israel, appointing Supreme Court Justices who are anti-abortion?

YES!  Why?

Because if God can tell a prophet to marry a prostitute, speak through a donkey to Balaam and use an arrogant Pharisee who used to kill Jews to actually bring the gospel to the Jews, God can use anyone. Especially one who is willing to admit his own failures and confesses His sinfulness, stating he is ashamed of his past and is willing to be a better person.

Hosea 1:2, When the Lord first spoke to Hosea, the Lord told him, “Marry a prostitute and have children with that prostitute. The people in this land have acted like prostitutes and abandoned the Lord.” Hosea was obedient and he ended up marrying a woman named Gomer who was unfaithful.  The children of Israel were doing exactly what America is doing today. We are abandoning the biblical principles our country was founded on.

What happened? Hosea 3:1 tells us at  after Gomer had left Hosea and was living in immorality, the Lord commanded Hosea to find and redeem her and take her back. In the same way, I believe that just like God wanted to show His amazing grace and mercy through Hosea’s faithful love of Gomer,  God shows us that even though we have been unfaithful He will redeem us but we must act accordingly. It may not look like we think it should, but it will non-the-less bring God’s blessing back on America because we will make sure the Supreme Court stops funding the murder of the unborn, will support Israel and recognize the rights of faith based communities to religious freedom.

Would  you have voted for any of the following people who God chose?

  • King David sinned with Bathsheba (Had her husband killed)
  • Moses was a murderer
  • Peter cut off someone’s ear and denied Christ three times and cursed His name

I suppose we would have rejected all these people as well. BUT we would have been wrong! What about Mary, a virgin who gets pregnant, would you have judged her too? Maybe you would have written articles about her being an adulteress, a slut, sexually sinful and called her child, a bastard son. Or would you have realized it was the Son of God?

If Hillary Clinton and her democratic agenda, supported by her corrupt campaign staffers, gets elected, then every voter who could have helped prevent it, will share the responsibility of the resulting laws and policies that will redefine the constitution of our country. Her appointed pro-abortion, anti-Israel, anti-religious freedom, open boarders, etc… supreme court Justices will make decision after decision that kills millions of children in the womb and enslaves our population by legislating our religious freedoms so that any Christians including Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Evangelicals, etc…etc….etc… will not be able to state their beliefs of traditional marriage, protect families rights, support the right to life, or even pray in the name of Jesus because it will have been obliterated from our society as we know it. Hillary herself declared that religious beliefs MUST change!

Here in the US Christian business owners are being persecuted, Americans are being encouraged to protest by refusing to stand for the national anthem or salute the flag, law and order is sneered at, police are being targeted, radical terrorists are killing our friends, neighbors and people in our communities and promoting racial division is the norm.

Our closest middle east ally, Israel, is under attack daily, and the UN is denying Israel’s connection to the temple mount. UNESCO, the United Nations committee responsible for “cultural understanding,” has given preliminary approval to a resolution that denies the documented historic Jewish connection to the Temple Mount and the Western Wall.
Read more at  or you can read actual resolution here:

We have ONE CHANCE to not destroy our nation. It is to realize that if you choose not to vote for Trump you will carrying the responsibility for the blood of all the unborn and all the other decisions that come from a liberal supreme court.

As for me and my house, we will do what we know is right and stand for those who do not have a voice, the unborn, the persecuted, the ones ISIS is killing and vote for Trump and Pence. I refuse to explain to the next generation why my arrogance destroyed this country. I hope you will prayerfully consider your choice this November 8, 2016.

James 4:17 – “Therefore, whoever knows the right thing to do, yet fails to do it, is guilty of sin.” 


“You’re no longer wandering exiles. This kingdom of faith is now your home country. You’re no longer strangers or outsiders. You belong here, with as much right to the name Christian as anyone. God is building a home. He’s using us all–irrespective of how we got here–in what he is building. He used the apostles […]

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Today we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and His great love for each of us when He died and rose again, triumphant! This is what separates the Christian worldview from any other- REDEMPTION.

Have you ever asked yourself this question? With so many choices and different voices claiming to be the true path to God, why should you believe in this Jewish Rabbi?  After all there are those who argue that others have also done miraculous things, and I would have to agree to some extent. Even the Bible has many examples of this.

BUT… I don’t believe in God just for things He did, but I am even more convinced that God is who He says He is, mostly because of the things Jesus DID NOT DO!


  •  Came as an earthly dictator who instilled devotion through fear
  • Demanded that we die or sacrifice our life in order to guarantee a place in Heaven
  • Definitely did not leave us without peace, wondering if our good deeds outweighed the bad so that we could earn our way to heaven
  • Never said to strive to be the greatest, most powerful, the most popular or the most narcissistic leader that is driven by pride
  • Told us to kill those who did not agree with our beliefs or to torture them into submission
  • Forced anyone to love Him or worship Him
  • Never took away our freedom to choose and will never force us to accept his free gift of salvation
  • MOST OF ALL Jesus never said He would only love those who loved Him back

Instead Jesus did what from a human perspective is backwards for a King.
God the Father, Jesus the Son and God the Holy Spirit, all One but in three persons, the Holy Trinity, is identified as truth because:

  • He humbled Himself, left His glory in Heaven and became human, taking on the form of His own creation in order to save us
  • Christ died so we would have eternal life and the peace of knowing we are saved
  • God showed us that He is love, by giving us the freedom to reject Him even tough His perfect will is that none would be lost
  • Jesus taught that to be great in God’s Kingdom, you had to be the servant of all and then demonstrated it to His own disciples and by submitting to a cruel cross
  • He told us to love our enemies, pray for those who persecute you and despite-fully use you, but He also revealed that justice and accountability are part of grace
  • He said that above all else we are to put on love and to love our neighbors as ourselves because others would recognize us by our love
  • We were created for good works in Christ, to be obedient to his leading,  care for widows, orphans, the poor, the incarcerated, the sick , the old and the young
  • He gave us the things we need to fill our minds with including love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control

Fruits of the Spirit


And so this day that we join together to worship and celebrate the amazing gift of Jesus love and his Resurrection, my prayer is that you would experience this same peace that I know in my own life. Remember, no matter where you are or what you have done, you are never alone. God is always there, watching, waiting and ready to receive you back into His loving arms. You may have turned away from Him, but He has never turned away from you.

Jesus bless you,



“She Carried Little Elvis on Her Back!”


One of the greatest influences in my life has been the loving and Godly example of Pastor John and his gracious wife, Ruth. Of course these days he’s referred to as Doctor John Kerr, but to me he will always be Pastor John, the man who fed into my life spiritually not only in my earliest years in Kingston, Ontario but my high school and young adult years in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The one thing that both Pastor John and Ruth always were ready to extend a helping hand at any opportunity. And things are no  different now,  years later and yet the same heart of compassion is still evident.
I have chosen to share a post that encouraged me and I hope will speak to you too. I have added a few thoughts at the conclusion, but first I take you to Africa, to the dirt roads that lead to their home…



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We had a big surprise arriving home from college last week. Mop and pail in the middle of the hall, cleaning supplies strewn all around – it looked like Victoria had left in a hurry! She comes by in the mornings to keep the dust down.

We tried a few numbers. No answer. So we just left the mops where they were and assumed she’d be back.

Sure enough, Victoria came through the gate a bit later – loaded down with Elvis, her little grandson! She had walked to Kitwe Central Hospital, as much a mortuary as a hospital, checked the child out, scolded what staff she could find, and walked the kilometer back to our place with the boy on her back!

“They were not helping!,” she said, very upset. “The boy, he just get worse! Those people, they just want money! I took the boy with me!” She looked at us as though we could fix this.

We called a former student who is a medical aid. He came over by nightfall. “This is very serious,” said Shaka, looking at the swollen little arm. “This is bone infection, probably caused by an unclean needle. Has he had an injection?”

Indeed, Elvis had been injected with Quinine a week earlier for severe malaria. Kitwe Central Hospital! The procedure had infected the upper arm, which was now swollen up to twice its size.

Shaka helped us admit the boy to the Chinese Mine Hospital where he works. They slated the lad for surgery first thing in the week — even though it was Chinese New Year!  Next day he came out of surgery with a reasonable report.

“We just did that operation in time,” said Shaka. “The infection had attacked the bone and it was quite critical. Within a week…?” He shook his head at what might have been.

Sometimes you help save a life just by being on the ground. We hope and pray for that these days. It’s the story of Africa missions.  Your presence is probably your greatest gift.

Once in awhile you just lend a hand to those who carry the sick on their back.


This made me go…Hmmmmm….

Isn’t this just what the Bible means when it says we were created for good works? (Eph 2:10) I am always humbled and amazed that God chose to use us to accomplish His will on earth. Such an encouragement to all of us that God doesn’t only call those who have all the answers for every situation, nor is it in the strength of our own abilities that merits our anointing, but rather our obedience is the conduit for us to bring Him the most glory.
Eph 2 10
What a wonderful picture of Christ in this grandmother carrying her grandson on her back, bearing his burden step by step out of love and concern to bring him to a place where he would have hope and healing.Over 5000 years ago, a man named Jesus, bruised and beaten, carried a wooden cross up the hill to Calvary and upon His back was the burden of all humanity, sick with sin and there He laid down his life so we could find healing and hope.I am constantly amazed as I have considered the plethora of worldviews like pantheism, panentheism, pluralism and so on, that none of them include redemption. Some speak of forgiveness and yet all are dependant on man doing enough “good deeds” to outweigh the “bad”and none offer the certainty of knowing you will go to heaven. It’s just a crapshoot at besIn contrast our loving Heavenly Father, not only gives us a way to be reconciled with him, the free gift of salvation bringing the certainty of heaven, but He is intimately aware of what we will have need of.As Elvis was carried on his Grandmother’s back, she could not see the solution, but God saw. Just as Abraham and Isaac went up the mountain, his answer to his son was, “God sees.” And not only does God see but He isn’t caught off guard,He is fully aware of how He is going to meet that need.

So, I thank my friend, Doctor John Kerr, for sharing this as it has encouraged me greatly and I am sure it will do the same for many others.

Now as I go and finish my coffee, I must once again ask myself, am I satisfied to bloom where God plants me? Or do I think my ideas are in some way superior to God himself? I pray that my heart will stay humble, my will be submitting and my thoughts be subject to God’s will.

Blessings to you, until next time.

“Much Better Clean”

"KerrentEvents" by John Kerr, Trans-Africa Christian University, KITWE, ZAMBIA


We were washing down the truck after a long day on the Kawama roads. Fine, misty rain. Instant rinse.

“You sure that’s worth the effort?,” asked a visiting friend. He was joining our faculty for ten days at the college and knew about our rainy-season mud holes. “I’d say you guys are fighting a losing battle!”

But our car-wash team was not to be dissuaded, blasting water on the wheel wells and pushing the soapy sponge into the rims. I assured our friend that you just have to keep on top of the mud. Otherwise, your vehicle changes colour in the course of a week, from white to reddish-brown — a very popular colour these days!

“Besides,” I said, “it’s always nice to start the day clean. The vehicle runs better, you feel better — it’s only right! The deeper the filth, the more frequent the washes! It’s like sanctification!”

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Is God’s Love Alive in Me?

This Christmas as we consider what God’s greatest gift, what does it mean in your life? Can others see His love working in your relationships?  Consider the following, what would you do if your spouse was burned beyond recognition, would your love overcome their disfigurement?

Old Man Of Sorrow (On the Threshold of Eternity) by Vincent Van Gogh


I was privileged to hear the following narrative that has been shared by others including renowned author, Max Lucado, and I now share it with you. It  recounts a story, Dr. Maxwell Maltz originally shared in his book: You Changed My Life: Stories of Real People with Remarkable Hearts.

There was a man who found himself in the horrific situation of  unsuccessfully attempting s to save his parents from a burning house. As He battled the fire he encountered intense heat and engulfing flames which almost took his own life. He ultimately escaped but his face was badly burned causing permanent disfigurement.  

He was overcome by disappointment and guilt. He interpreted his loss and condition as punishment from God for his own failures. He shut himself away, isolated himself in one room, refusing to allow anyone, including his wife, to see him.

His wife was heartbroken and in her distress she sought help from Dr. Maltz, who was a highly regarded plastic surgeon. When she had explained the situation, the surgeon was deeply touched at her plight and that of her beloved husband. He comforted her with a remarkable statement, “I can restore his face” he said.

She knew the doctor’s intentions were genuine, but was still not convinced and explained further. Her husband had refused any and all attempts or offers of help in the past and she was absolutely sure he would refuse the doctor’s help also.  

Perplexed Dr. Maltz asked, “Then why are you here…why the visit?”

She responded with solemn and unmistakable clarity, “I want you to disfigure my face so I can be like him! If I can share in his pain, then maybe he will let me back into his life.”

Appalled and shocked, Dr. Maltz absolutely refused her request.

But he could not help but be stirred by the woman’s deep devotion for her husband and the extraordinary love that motivated such an appeal. He decided that he would go and attempt to speak with her husband.

Knocking on the man’s bedroom door, he announced, “I’m a plastic surgeon, and I want you to know that I can restore your face.”

No response or acknowledgement followed.

Dr. Maltz call to him again and begged him to “please come out”.

Again no answer.

The doctor knew he couldn’t leave without this man knowing what a rare and wondrous love awaited him on the other side of that locked door.  So he leaned against it as he told this broken and wounded soul of his wife’s visit to his office along with her inquiry. “She wants me to disfigure her face,” he said, “to make her face like yours in the hope that you will let her back into your life. That’s how much she loves you.”

The air was silent as he waited breathlessly, but after a long pause Dr. Maltz began to leave. Then he heard a slight noise and watched as the door knob turn ever so slowly.


As tears ran down my cheeks all I could see was God’s own son, the glory of heaven, humbling himself to become an embryo, a single cell, a lump of “tissue” and according to some, not even human. But instead the God of the universe revered the miracle of conception and birth so highly, that He sent His son, to be born of a virgin, an earthly mother, a teenager, a girl who was the town “scandal” to walk the journey from the cradle to the cross.

Matthew 1:23 “Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and they shall call his name Immanuel” (which means, God with us

And there, on Golgotha, covered in the disfigurement of my sin, the repulsive, putrid, death of my own filth and failures, hung a holy God, who said, “My child, I love you so much, that I have chosen the disfigurement of your sin, I will carry you shame, guilt and punishment, I will die so you don’t have to. When you can see that I paid your debt, then maybe you will accept my sacrifice the free gift of grace and allow me into your life.”

I pray that this Christmas, when we celebrate the amazing birth of our Savior, you will embrace Jesus as the one who was born in Bethlehem for you. Clothed in the radiant beauty of His Holiness sin’s disfigurement is gone and you are whole.

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life”

Merry Christmas and God bless you.


In the aftermath of the tragedies in PARIS, I write with a broken heart, but not without hope, I am troubled,  yet deeply grateful.

It is this quandary that has sparked an outpouring of thoughts and insights that I feel compelled to share with regard to the events of the past few weeks.

Heavens Tears

The day seemed like any other day. Each of us have our own “stuff” and it’s the same for me. some of my biggest challenges may be physical disabilities and yours may be something totally different, but God is still faithful. This Thanksgiving I am especially thankful because I can say what millions cannot, I am SAFE. Love and cared for, food to eat, medical care, a roof over my head and SAFE.

I think back to those initial moments of realization as my mind was a whirling vortex of memories and an emotional tidal wave that was threatening to crash in like a flood…

It seemed like I was instantaneously transported back to that pivotal moment in time when I learned that planes had hit the twin towers and like so many others, I will never forget it. My husband was supposed to start work at the World Trade Center a few months prior and would have been working on the 23rd floor, but the day before he was to fly down and sign the final contracts, he was called for a last minute interview locally and hired on the spot. I am fully aware what a huge blessing that was and for that I am deeply grateful.

Likewise, I will forever remember the moment my mother’s voice said, “Anne, Paris in under attack”. I couldn’t understand but immediately began to pray and then I watched. Actually, I cried, I prayed and I watched as the eyes, ears and hearts of the world experienced the helplessness that comes with the role of observer, witnessing the raw pain of tragedy unfolding without any way to impact the outcome of the horror in those moments..

I have to admit that those scenes over the last few weeks have seemed to violate me in a way I never thought possible. How can that be when I was half way around the world, far from harm’s way? Afterall, I wasn’t one of the victim’s that had my life stolen out from under me. But then I realized that the enormity of the situation is far more sinister than I think most of us even have the ability to wrap our heads around.

It’s not because we haven’t had people commit these kinds of atrocities before, but for the first time in history, we were not watching a cloud of smoke and debris from a distance or trying to catch a glimpse at what was going on, we were actually seeing the events as they happened on live stream. Staring through the screen as bodies, faces, arms, legs being were strewn to and fro all over the ground, surrounded by first responders working in the midst of the chaos to save those that still showed signs of life. These weren’t just blank faces, these were mothers, sisters, daughters, sons. fathers, bothers, friends, and the list goes on and on… The expressions on the faces of family and friends crumpled over in complete shock and desolation, unable to absorb the life changing impact that a few moments of pure, unadulterated hate could bring.

That’s why the catastrophe that was unleashed on those unsuspecting victims in Paris was so devastating, that it can only be described as evil incarnate. With stealth like precision terror had hit it’s target and stolen something from all of us, the ability to believe that we had learned something from the horrors of the past, and we would never allow them to be repeated.  The world was shaken and the aftermath is brutal.

BUT WAIT, as I began to feel the impact more and more deeply, and heard words repeated like, “Not since WWII…”, my thoughts came to a screeching halt almost as if by some divine intervention, God gave me the gift of opening my eyes. He allowed me to catch a glimpse from heaven’s point of view. All of a sudden I felt this warm covering of peace flow over my soul.

As I watched, I was reminded of that things that weren’t seen with human eyes. I could see an army of heavenly hosts released into action by the prayers of the faithful, in response to the evil and hate others had embraced. They were gathering the wounded and helping carry them to safety, deflecting bullets and debris from killing others, keeping the tragedy from being any worse, tenderly ministering to the dying and ushering those who had accepted God’s gift of salvation, into their savior’s loving arms, heaven welcomed their homecoming,  while simultaneously God’s heart was breaking for the ones who were lost.

Amongst them there were heavenly messengers who were gently gathering up the tears. Yes, I said tears. They were catching every tear and carefully placing each one into a heavenly chalice. They were collecting heaven’s tears. Angelic scribes were recording the trials of each precious life and even the loss of each numbered hair that fell as they were were torn away by blood and bullets forever to be recorded in the Heavenly Archives.  Still others were simply shaking their heads in disbelief and sorrow as they ministered to the victims and responders, with expressions that begged the question, why do they hurt each other?

A concept I find hard to fathom  but then there came a voice through the darkness filled with love and sorrow mingled, as God spoke. “I love my creation but they are easily deceived. The thief cometh to kill, to steal and destroy. It is the tragic price of freedom that I have given each the ability to choose. True love requires this freedom but it carries an eternal price for those who choose death and a lost eternity. The evil of hate’s stronghold can only be overcome by the much greater force of love and grace. The same grace that came through the death of my son, on a wooden cross to pay for sin, so all would have hope and the ability to choose an eternity in glory. Oh how I long that none would perish.”

It was in those moments of insight that I found the most comfort. God does not watch us from a distance, He’s up close and personal. And the only way that it is possible for Him to enter in, is through our invitation. Even God, can’t and won’t force His way into your life.


We have the freedom to choose life, love and grace or to choose to reject him. The only other option is to chose the author of hate, death and violence. No matter how pretty the package the evil behind it is the source you allow to feed your soul. You make the choice to participate with hate and the outcome is terror.

How could this kind of evil take a hold of someone, aren’t most people basically good? Aren’t we affected by how we are raised, the influences in our lives, the level of our understanding, YES. But it never negates our personal choice, the fundamental decisions of whether you listen to your conscious or your heart. The heart needs cleansing, it needs guidance to make right decisions, but the part of us that longs for meaning, purpose, to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, that part is often shut off or set aside in favor of our emotions. That’s why those taught to hate at a young age are so passionate about their causes whether here in America or around the world. That is why I was so struck by the thought that in the midst of every tragedy, from the small child alone and lost, to the destruction of so many lives in Paris, or even the war torn areas of the world, God is not absent, He is there and he cares. But how do we know that?

As one who has chosen to put my faith in God, I still have to live in this world and I promise you I have cried my share of tears, A LOT of tears, but through this He has helped me find a new intimacy with Him that I would never know if I hadn’t had to go through the trails like my current disabilities. If I hadn’t had all these hours, days, months, over 6 years, of sitting alone, all alone, with Him. There were times when I had cried so many tears I was certain that my eyes would permanently bulge out giving me that “deer in the headlights” look and that God must be getting tired of listening to me weeping day after day.

TRUTH: I have come to understand that God cares SO MUCH that not only does he listen, but the fact is that God so closely feels our suffering that the bible says that He stores our tears in bottles in heaven. Can you even imagine? God Himself, the creator of the universe, actually keeps a record of all my pain and trails and even stores all my tears.

I wondered why God would do this. Why did God care enough to keep track? After all, how many tears were and are being cried by those who call him Father, because of the tragedies around this world and in everyday life?  I myself had cried so many, many tears, what could possibly be the purpose? As I pondered this the Holy Spirit revealed a truth I had never really realized.

God not only cares so deeply about each of us that not even ONE TEAR that’s shed goes unnoticed, BUT He also promises in Psalm 126:5 that what we sow in tears, enduring sorrows and earthly trails, we will reap in joy. WOW! The God of the ENTIRE universe is such a God of order that He even keeps an account of our tears so He can fulfill His promise to us, tear for tear. BUT He doesn’t stop there. God has promised that our harvest will be great, much greater than the seeds we have sown.

Ps 126 5

I am convinced that a God who cares enough to being so personal and care about every tear that shed, is capable of healing our sorrows, comforting the grieving, and is able to work all things out for our good.

May you rest in the knowledge, that God is not “surprised” or frantically looking for an answer, Our Papa God, knew what we would need to survive this world’s evil long before we knew what we would face. He not only knows our need, but He knows how He’s going to fulfill our need. Rest assured that God is able!

May the God of peace be close and may you feel His healing prescience as you seek answers amidst the storms in your own life.

Next time I will return to finish my “Lessons” God has been teaching this “Old Chick”. And I invite you to leave a like or comment, or prayer request and I would be honored  to pray for you.

Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed Thanksgiving!